Head Coach
Jeff Carroll

Assistant Coach
Ian Richards 

ODP Weather Hotline #720-292-2500

Trainings for Pool

Sunday, Nov. 16th      **Cancelled due to weather**

Saturday, Nov. 22nd      1-3pm           Rooney Road Sports Complex   Fields 4 and 5     151 S Rooney Rd, Golden, CO

Sunday, Nov. 23rd       1 -3pm           Rooney Road Sports Complex   Fields 4 and 5     151 S Rooney Rd, Golden, CO

 Players should bring a properly inflated ball and water.  If you have a conflict please email Coach Carroll at jeff@coloradostorm.com

**Parents and Players**



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Austin Jayden
Bevins Ryan
Biggerstaff Aaron
Bradshaw Kyler
Brown Dylan
Dale Cooper
Dishongh Nathan
Durand Blair
Early Peyton
Feerer Joey
Funk Aidan
Fye Karson
Grant Nicholas
Hallam Samuel
Hand Max
King Weston
Kolanz Hagan
Kolanz Max
Landeros Luis
Lantaff Aidan
LaPiano Grey
Lefkowicz Brendan
Mercado Luis
Mercado Oliver
Pacheco Alonso
Painter Jack
Polk Zachary
Quale Bergen
Rademacher Jake
Rittenhouse Dustin
Sabatier Jordan
Seidl Keegan
Speer Tyler
Walters Mitchelle
Weir Benjamin
Wharton Connor
Wolhandler Jacob