Head Coach
Paul Mulvany 

Assistant Coach
Timothy Laxson

ODP Weather Hotline #720-292-2500

Trainings for Travel Team & Alternates only- You should bring a properly inflated ball and water to the sessions.

Saturday and Sunday practices are for 16 players named to travel and 4 players on alternate list in event of an injury.

Coaches Carroll (98G) and Coach Mulvaney (99G) have scheduled the following practices as both teams prepare for the Region IV ODP Championships.  Please contact your coach by email if you have a conflict.  Paul Mulvaney – paulm@westminsterfc.com  John Carroll –johnc@coloradostorm.com

Sundays December 14th , 930-11am at Trailwinds Park  13500 Holly St, Thornton, CO  CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER

Sundays December 21st , 930-11am at Trailwinds Park  13500 Holly St, Thornton, CO

Saturday January 3rd , 930-11am at Trailwinds Park  13500 Holly St, Thornton, CO

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Last First
Adams Kenady
Alhamra Madeline
Barkow Madison
Bee Taylor
Bell Cameron
Bohlender Scout
Brogden Molly
Brook Jeannette
Brown Catherine
Burridge Marlee
Costain Gabrielle
Dietrich Riley
Furbush Riley 
Goddard Isabella
Goodwin Jordan
Hernandez Mikayla
Ingham Melia
Jordan Hailey 
Kassal Abby
Lamanna Isabelle
Madrid Ayla
McWilliams Gabriella
Midroy Kyra
Mundwiller Kayte
Nemechek Bailey
Neuville Samantha
O'Nan Haley
Oakley Bryanna
Palmer Alexandra
Samuelson Aubrey
Sandoval Karly
Sours Maegan
Stodden Hailey
Swain Ally
Tobey Alison 
Trinceri Samantha
Wagner Tessa
Warren Zoe
Wilson McKenna
Zimmer Jade