**The next C Course wil be in 2015**
1. Applicant holds a National “D” License for a minimum of 12-months (no waiver application required).
2. Applicant holds a NSCAA National Diploma for a minimum of 12-months (no waiver application required).
 3. Applicant has three-(3) years coaching experience, at any level, and three-(3) years playing experience with a Senior National Team and/or three-(3) years playing experience on a FIFA recognized professional team. Official proof of playing and coaching experience must be provided.
  4. Applicant holds a foreign license equivalent to a U.S. Soccer “C” License (e.g.:UEFA “C” License). A copy of the foreign license must be provided.

**Please be advised that only the Office of the Coaching Education Program at US Soccer may grant waivers. State Directors of Coaching, National Staff Coaches or National Instructional Staff Coaches may not grant waivers regardless of the situation.
REGISTRATION:  To register you must complete the Registration Formprint out form and return it via USPS mail with the $150.00 Non-refundable deposit and all the supporting credentials.  Please ensure that the Application is filled out entirely with photo attached. 
 Please register ASAP to ensure that we meet the quota necessary to hold the course by .     
CONFIRMATION:  Each candidate will be sent a confirmation upon the receipt of all their registration materials. Additional and pre-course candidate homework will be sent at that time.
 Any questions can be directed to:  Mike Freitag or call #303-346-2777 ext.117.