The CSA Cup Event is for all Recreational Teams

Thank you to all 2013 participants of the Denver CSA Cup!

October 5th & 6th, 2013

Field information: Boys will play on fields at Gates *for Map, click here*
                                 Girls will play on fields at Stenger *for Map, click here*

Directions to Gates: 
click here                             Directions to Stenger: click here 

Format for Metro CSA Cup:  U9/10 -  8v8         
                                                U11 & Up - 11v11

Grand Junction CSA Cup
October 19th & 20th, 2013

Grand Junction CSA Cup -SCHEDULES 

Field information:     Canyon View *for map, click here

Format for Grand Junction CSA Cup: U9/10 -  6v6 
                                                                   U11/12 -  8v8
                                                                          U13 & Up - 11v11

Teams can have up to 4 guest players
Coaches - Please have your club administrator print and sign two copies of your official roster to bring with you at check in 

Team Fee is $350; each team will receive a minimum of 3 games                                           

**Please note - Teams will be accepted on a 1st come, 1st served basis.  The number of teams accepted will be subject to the number of fields accessible.


*Check In Information:

*Time: One hour before your team's first game on Saturday

*Where:  Pavillion-be sure to bring 2 rosters signed by your club and player cards

Inclement Weather Hotline:

The Hotline will be updated immediately with new information as it comes in from field managers at Gates and Stenger. 
An email will also be sent to the contacts listed (Coach, Team Mgr) on the registration. This information will be passed on as soon as it is received


Lisa Stibley



Frequently Asked Questions  2013  

When is our last day to register for the tournament?

Registration requests will be accepted up to two weeks prior to the tournament on a space available basis.  All other registration requests will be placed on a waiting list.

Can we have guest players?

Yes, 4 guest players are allowed per team

How many games will we play?

Each team is guaranteed 3 games. And in some cases where there are semi and final games a team could play 5.

Can you tell me when my team will play?

No.  Until the schedules are completed and posted there is no way to let you know when you will play.  However, teams could potentially play 2 games on Saturday and 1 on Sunday excluding semi and final matches which will be held on Sunday.

Do we really need to have player pass cards with pictures?

Yes.  All teams who participate in any state sanctioned tournament must have player pass cards.  Each pass card must have the players’ picture, however we are no longer requiring player signatures.  No team/player will be allowed to participate without pass cards.

Do we really need a club linesman for our team?

Yes. You must have a club linesman for your team.

Does CSA have a list of linesmen available that we can hire?

No.  CSA does not keep a list of officials for this purpose.  Contact your club they may have a list of available linesmen on hand.

Do I need to have a linesman for the finals?

No.  A linesman will be assigned by CSA for the final games should your team advance; CSA will schedule all three for the final games.

If our team is accepted and we change our mind and drop from the tournament can we get a refund?

No. Once a team is accepted no refunds will be given.