Fall 2014 State Cup Schedules




Fees - $1050.00/Team

Fall State Cup – U11 Boys/Girls 8v8 $600 U11 Boys/Girls 11v11 $600.00, U14-U19 Girls $1050.00


** U11 11v11 State Cup Qualifying Tournament has been designed to allow U11 teams in our state to compete in the 2014/2015 National Championship Series.  Both the Boy’s and the Girl’s U11 Champion team will receive a birth into the U12 State Cup.  The Fee for the U11 Qualifying Cup is $600.00, if your team progresses then the difference between the two would be the fee for the respective teams.  Depending on the number of teams that apply, a play-in game may determine advancement to pool play.  

**U11 8v8 State Cup Champion will be crowned, there is no advancement to the National Championship Series in this division.  Note, players who participate on an 8v8 roster may not participate on an 11v11 roster at any other age group.  Teams that compete in the 8v8 U11 tournament may not compete in another age group.

Formats for advancement are presented as projections only. They are subject to change to minimize a wild card team playing a former opponent


 State Cup Rules 2014