To watch the CYS highlight videos

Source: To watch the CYS highlight videos

To watch the CYS highlight videos:

1)  A person must first sign up to be a member of Coaches aid (free)

a.  To sign up as a Member:   

                                                           i.      Go to

                                                         ii.       Click the “Register” button in the very upper right hand corner of the website home page

                                                      iii.      The Member Registration process can be completed in 2 minutes or less (Coaches Aid has over 14,000 members).  Currently, we don’t often send any emails to our members.  In the future we might start, but it would be something like 1 per month in frequency…newsletter or announcement of new services.

2) Be Logged as a Member

a.  Click on the “Member Login” button in the upper right hand corner of the website

                                                            i.      Enter user name and password

3) The Highlight Videos are able to be found in several website locations:

a.  On the Colorado Home Page

                                                            i.      Can get to Colorado home page by selecting your state in the right hand side of the webpage “Change Location” … choose “Colorado”

b.  On the National Home Page (can always get to there be clicking on the upper left hand corner logo of a ‘home’

                                                            i.      Scroll down lower on the webpage to the “ASBN Guide … select “On – Demand” and pick the video you would like to watch

                                                         ii.      Go to the CYS Coaches Aid page directly via this link:

        Scroll down and select “On-Demand” and choose your video

4) Provide the “Unlock” Code to watch the video for free: cys2012