Colorado Soccer Association effective July 1, 2013

 Colorado Soccer is Proud to Announce the addition of the only USASA sanctioned Adult Soccer Program in the State of Colorado.  US Soccer and US Youth Soccer have both endorsed Colorado Youth Soccer to add an Adult Division.  The Colorado Youth Soccer membership approved this and will change its name to Colorado Soccer Association effective July 1, 2013.  CSA will service the needs of all members in both the Youth Soccer Programs and the Adult Divisions.  “Our decision to take on the adult division weighed heavily on the fact that we wanted to build a bridge for our players to be able to have the appropriate leagues to play in after their youth playing days were completed.  Many players had no place to go after completing their youth career so we are now offering leagues that will allow them to continue to play and stay in the game.” says Colorado Soccer CEO Nate Shotts. 


CSA is committed to providing top quality service to all leagues.  “We are committed to offering the best quality programs at reasonable costs,” says Nate Shotts.  There are many other resources that CSA can offer including:

·         Consistent playing rules in league and tournament play throughout the US.

·         An appeals system which includes an impartial governing body to oversee all aspects of the game.

·         Liability and medical insurance.

·         A referee training, education and evaluation program.

·         A coach training, education and evaluation program.

·         Participation in State and National Cup programs.

·         Assurance that all current players are registered.

·         The ability to participate in sanctioned tournaments in and out of state.

·         Full service offices.

·         Elite Players Program.

·         Local sponsor benefits.

·         League manager onsite.

If you are interested or have further questions please feel free to contact our Adult Division Representative David Campos at or 720- 292-2433.