State Cup & President's Cup Weather Hotline

President's Cup:

Delayed one hour tomorrow. 9:30 am kick off.  Please do not go on the fields if frost is visible. Any further changes will be made by 6:30 am in the morning.

State Cup:

All games from March 23 will be played as scheduled on March 30.

Metro Denver Womens's Soccer Club:

Barbara Schroeder, Treasurer,


We will decide on tomorrow games at 7am and we will email everyone by then.

High Plains Coed Soccer League:

I just checked the hotlines and while they have closed the fields for today they have not made a decision about tomorrow. I will continue to check and see what we can find out and let you guys know if they do close the fields. Right now I would assume that they will be open and that all games will be played as regularly scheduled.

Jennifer Dunlap

President, HPCSL